How to Fix Broken Car Key

How to Fix Broken Car Key

One of the worst tragedies that can ever happen to any driver or motorist is to own a fragile key that breaks while it is still inserted in the ignition. Not only is this disappointing and upsetting to deal with, it can also be stressful, since extracting a key from a car ignition is never an easy task for anyone to do; however, with the right car locksmiths assisting you, you need not worry about fixing a broken car key.

It's hard to tell when a car key might break. Car keys are believed to be sturdy since they are made of steel and other hard alloys, after all; however, don't let appearances fool you. Even the strongest-looking key can break or chip off while in the ignition. It's hard to tell when keys may break, so it can be a difficult to keep this from happening to you, however, there is a way to make sure an incident like this does not incapacitate you.

Don't let a broken key keep you from enjoying your day. In the event of a broken key, there are things you can do to bounce back quickly and gracefully. There are plenty of things you can do to soften the blow that may occur as a result of a broken key.

Quick and Easy Solutions to Fix Broken Car Key

Many professionals who have dealt with broken keys in the past deal with possible instances of their keys breaking by making sure they have a spare key lying around in their vehicle or somewhere in their backpocket. If you've ever seen someone carry more car keys than usual, this could be the reason why. Many people have had their days destroyed and their relationships affected due to mishaps with their own car locks and keys. To cope, they carry with them several spare keys. You can do the same thing if you feel your keys may be breaking.

Another way to protect yourself from dealing with a broken car key is to inspect your keys from time to time. While most breakages happen without warning, a small number do. Some cracks appearing on the teeth of your keys or on the handle can hint at a breakage. Aside from cracks, blemishes like oil and soil build up, rust, and dirt may indicate that a key could break anytime soon. As soon as you spot any of these, take your keys to a car locksmith immediately to have it cleaned, refined, or even replaced entirely with a newer, sturdier key.

Can You DIY to Fix Broken Car Key?

One of the most common questions car locksmiths get is this: can I do my own car key repairs by myself? Key repairs, replacement, duplication, as well as other services are often best handled by professional car locksmiths who are equipped with the right knowledge, experience, certification, license, and insurance to handle a variety of car lock types and keys. Complicated work like this is best left to the professionals who are trained and fully-equipped with the right tools to work on your car.

If your car key has chipped while in the ignition or if it fails to open your locks, call our professional car locksmiths today for fast, high-quality solutions!